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“Anonymous” activities

Anonymous is a group of individuals, mainly from on-line community,
who share common ideas and act against self agreed goals under
the name “Anonymous”. Their strength lies in their number and
the true anonymity. Anonymous use public communication channels for
their conversation and planning of their activities, like wikis , irc, facebook,forums etc.

A list of activities done by Anonymous

Hal Turner raid
Took down Turner’s website.

Project Chanology
Criticize the Church of Scientology for Internet censorship
and plan a DDOS series of attacks to¬† the Church’s websites and
street protests wearing masks.

Epilepsy Foundation forum invasion
Anonymous blamed for an attack on Epilepsy Foundation of America
forum/website, using JavaScript code and flashing animations to
provoke seizures in victims.

Defacement of SOHH and AllHipHop websites
Starting from a flooding in forums,then DDoS attacks against the
websites and finaly they deface the site by adding satirical images,
headlines and also stole employess information, using cross-site scripting.

Operation Titstorm
A protest against the Australian Government using DDoS Attacks in
federal websites.

After the worldwide fight from goverments against wikileaks, Anonymous decided to express their support to wikileaks with several Operations/protests.

Operation Payback
When this operations started the main target was websites that did not respond to software takedown notices.The DDoS websites of Law firms, copyright organisations etc. till the target moved to companies that oppose Wikileaks.Some of the targets was Amazon, Paypal, MasterCard, Visa and the Swiss bank PostFinance.

Goverment website taken down due to censorship of wikileaks documents

Operation Tunisia
8 Tynisian gov websites taked down due to censorship of wikileaks.





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