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Spam sinks to lowest level in almost three years, says Symantec « The FORWARD project blog

Spam sinks to lowest level in almost three years, says Symantec

According to the Symantec’s report spam messages have been reduced to a great extent!

Nowadays the global amount of spam messages is 70% compare to 90% that it was in 2009. In this direction they helped the legal actions of Microsoft that reduce the daily amount of spam messages from 52 billion to 33 billion per day. The pharmaceutical spam, which is a special sector of these messages, was decreased to half (32, 5%) ever since Symantec had started tracking it.  Some striking examples in countries are these:

Russia is the most spammed area in the world with the extremely high rate of 76,7 % !The subsequent country is South Arabia which has 76,6%  spam messages!!Last but not least, U.S.A is in a little better situation despite having 69,9 % of  spam e-mails!

Unfortunately, spammers always find a way to get away and in combination with using more targeted malware in order to approach the people, there is not a rapid and determined decline of these messages! The main aim of that junk mail is to deceive the victims or to steal important data of a big company! A prime example of these attacks is the Stuxnet worm is an incredibly large and complex threat.

The Stuxnet worm is a “wake-up call” because of its complexity and its aim at critical infrastructure systems. It can spy on and reprogram industrial control systems and grant hackers control of critical infrastructures. Use four zero-day vulnerabilities; compromise two digital certificates; inject code into industrial control systems and hide the code from operators;

In particular, the malevolent users or programs try to establish a stable access to the main data base of company or of an organization so as to extort information or top secrets. But the problem is getting more and more serious because prompts have been already done in order to destroy the economy of a country or cause a significant damage!

Daily many attacks are reported and blocked through the spam messages. For instance, approximately 94 attacks were blocked by Symantec worldwide each day in November. In addition, in US one attack was blocked every day and in Japan one such attack was blocked every nine days!

In conclusion, some sectors for 2011 totally, which receive targeted attacks daily are:

  • The public sector with about 20 attacks per day.
  • The chemical and pharmaceutical industry sector with 18, 6 each day.
  • The manufacturing (sector) with 13,6 attacks blocked daily.

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