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US orders Twitter to hand over account data on Wikileaks and multiple Wikileaks

Friday, January 14th, 2011

US orders Twitter to hand over information about accounts registered or associated with Wikileaks, rop_g, ioerror, birgittaj, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Rop Gongrijp, and Birgitta Jonsdottir for the time period November 1, 2009 to present (december 2010).

All previously mentioned twitter accounts are supposed to be connected with wikileaks. That means that anyone connected with them is supposed to be related and/or a supporter of wikileaks.

If you are a follower (not sure if it also includes mentions and retweets) of any of those accounts, twitter has already handed all your personal information to the US government.

You can find the subpoena here


Operation Avenge Assange

Friday, January 7th, 2011

The last few days wikileaks has been one of the hottest topics of the Internet world.

After WikiLeaks released a secret cable listing sites worldwide, that the U.S. considers critical to its national security,  it was targeted by DDoS attacks.
A few days later Julian Assagne was accused for the rape of two Swedish women. Many people think that both the DDoS attacks and the rape accusation are coordinated by the U.S.  In addition U.S. government persuaded Paypal to stop taking payments from wikileaks. While visa and MasterCard also stopped accepting payments from wikileaks.

All the above facts made many people suspicious and worried about the freedom of speech in the World Wide Web. As a result the Operation Payback group is targeting principals it considers responsible for the wikileaks hunt and Assagne’s (fake!?) rape case.

Since today the following websites has been attacked:

PostFinance postfinance.ch 2010-12-06
Swedish Prosecution Authority aklagare.se 2010-12-07
EveryDNS everydns.com 2010-12-07
Joseph Lieberman lieberman.senate.gov 2010-12-08
MasterCard mastercard.com 2010-12-08 10:30 UTC
Borgstrom and Bostrom advbyra.se 2010-12-08
BILD (not confirmed) bild.de 2010-12-08 19:30 UTC
Visa visa.com 2010-12-08 21:00 UTC
Sarah Palin sarahpac.com 2010-12-08
Paypal paypal.com 2010-12-09 02:50 UTC
Amazon amazon.com 2010-12-09 23:00 UTC

Those attacks are made using a “voluntary” bot-net. Users can join the bot-net with their PC using a modified version of the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC). Actually running this modified LOIC makes your PC a bot of the bot-net and (rumors say) 10 hacktivists (probably the coordinators) set the bot-net to target a site.  The site to be targeted is chosen after conversations in irc://irc.anonops.net at channel #OperationPayback. Any user disagreeing with an attack can log out from the bot-net at any time.