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Twitter worm strikes again « The FORWARD project blog

Twitter worm strikes again

Almost a week ago since its first release, a new worm hit the twitter again. The first attack happened during Easter when twitter was hit by powerful, self-replicating attacks that caused people to flood the micro-blogging site with tens of thousands of messages simply by viewing booby trapped user profiles.

The second worm, which began spreading on Friday ( 6 days after first worm ), referenced Twitter users with a large number of followers (such as @oprah, Oprah Winfrey, and @aplus, Ashton Kutcher). A day later, on Saturday, two more worms appeared, featuring philosophical musings and the word “womp”. The second worm of the day screwed with infected profiles, changing the title of the profile to “Mikey and the Mysterious Treqz”, as explained in a blog post by F-Secure.

The creator of said worms is Mikey Mooney, again! Mikey is 17 years old and claimed responsibility for releasing the first worm, citing boredom. According to Mikey the latest variant aimed to prove that Twitter did not fix the cross site scripting flaw that supposedly was taken care of , according to ZDNet. After releasing the first worm Mikey had landed a job as a web applications developer at exqSoft Solutions. Despite this, Mikey’s latest actions show that outfronting exploits to the community, albeit in a “brute” manner, is still amongst his interests.

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2 Responses to “Twitter worm strikes again”

  1. sfakiana says:

    As far as Twitter’s security is concerned, yesterday there was another incident. A French hacker, having been successful in a social engineering attack against one of Twitter’s employees, claimed to have gained access to Twitter’s administration panel. Taking into account all the above, the site recently posted online ads looking for software engineers who specialize in application and infrastructure security.
    Sources: ZDNet , theregister

  2. zarras says:

    Twitter still hasn’t come clean, but it appears yet another administrative account on the micro-blogging site has been breached, giving world+dog an inside peek at the accounts of Barack Obama, Ashton Kutcher, and other celebrities; as theregister (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/04/30/reported_twitter_admin_account_breached) mentioned.

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